We’re very excited to introduce you to HireLevel Enterprises, LLC

What was once YFC Wheels and YFC Promotions has transformed into a collaborative family of social enterprises as we look ahead to a very bright future. While our name and look may have changed, we want you to know that our mission is the same:

“To employ young people in social enterprises that provide the highest quality products and services and fund life-changing support for the underserved youth in Central Ohio.”

Moving Futures Forward.

Our new look is inspired by the vibrancy of youth and the upward mobility our programs provide. Our social enterprises provide employment and vocational training opportunities for the next generation. We are literally making it our business to make a difference!

Want to know more?

Get involved! We’re looking to start a national movement that starts in our community. Get in touch with us to find out how you can partner with HireLevel and make an impact.

What was once YFC Wheels is now HireLevel Auto. HireLevel Auto is a hands-on program where underserved youth do the actual maintenance and repair work on cars donated to the program. Repaired cars are then sold to provide funding for the program.

Want to play a part in this amazing program? Click below:

Donate a Car

Or you can reach out to our Donations Specialist Maurice Diles 614-519-1436 mdiles@coyfc.org

Buy a Car

Or you can reach out to our Lot Manager, Frank Tillotson 614-519-1436 ftillotson@coyfc.org

What was City Life Promotions is now HireLevel Promotions. We are a social enterprise that operates a full service promotional products business located in the Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, OH. We employ young people from the neighborhood in order to teach them job-skills in the promotions business.

We provide quality services in embroidery, screen-printing and direct-to-garment printing. From t-shirts to coffee cups, hats to ink pens, we can put your logo on just about anything.

Please contact Danielle for any questions, or to place an order 614-467-4242  dduerksen@coyfc.org

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HireLevel Enterprises, LLC.